Teatrino Palermo

A project by (SIC), in the framework of Pierre Leguillon's exhibition at WIELS, The museum of mistakes.

In 1988, a puppet theatre was exhibited in Marie-Puck Broodthaers "Galerie des Beaux-Arts" located on 20-22 rue Ravenstein in Brussels. This theatre, painted in navy blue and adorned with animal and human figures, had been created in 1964 by German artist Blinky Palermo, then a student at the Düsseldorf Fine Arts Academy, and dedicated to a young girl named Iris-Jasmin. In 2009, this theatre was duplicated by Clément Rodzielski upon an idea by Pierre Leguillon. Renamed « Teatrino Palermo », this theater is now a mobile display device which can be used for various purposes. Blinky Palermo is often associated by Leguillon to Marcel Broodthaers, especially because of his presence in Broodthaers’ backyard located on the rue de la Pépinière in Brussels. A triangular relationship thus connects Palermo, Broodthaers and Leguillon, but also these three places in Brussels : rue Ravenstein, rue de la Pépinière and WIELS. For one day, the Teatrino Palermo will take off from WIELS and regain physical and metaphorical contact with those figures and places.

In the presence, real or fictive, of Marcel Broodthaers, Marie-Puck Broodthaers, Franz Dahlem, Iris-Jasmin Denneborg, Yves Gevaert, Pierre Leguillon, Blinky Palermo, Clément Rodzielski, as well as a camel.

7 February 2015

11am: Descent of the Teatrino at WIELS, Avenue Van Volxem 354, 1190 Brussels.

12am: Start of the cortege at Rue de la Pépinière 30, 1000 Bruxelles

1pm: Soup served at rue Ravenstein 20-22, 1000 Brussels.

(SIC) would like to thank Koen Brams, Marie-Puck Broodthaers, Manuel Cirauqui, Franz Dahlem, Anny De Decker, Goedele Dewulf, Eric Fabre, Manuela Galliano, Yves Gevaert, Maria Gilissen, Ingrid Kohlhöfer, Thordis Moeller, Aurel Scheibler, Corinna Tierolf, Mme & Mr Viglieta.