Random Order

Branden W. Joseph
Random Order. Robert Rauschenberg et la néo-avant-garde

French edition of Branden W. Joseph's landmark study on Robert Rauschenberg (first published in 2003 by the MIT Press). In this book, Joseph does not only offer new interpretations of Rauschenberg's work, it also seeks to redefine the usual understanding of the whole neo-avant-garde project. Enventually, the author offers insightful thoughts on postmodern subjectivity.

Branden Wayne Joseph is the Frank Gallipoli Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art in the department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University.

Graphic design by
Charles Mazé & Coline Sunier

French edition
332 pages
23 x 15,5 cm
Release date : December 2012
ISBN : 978-2-930667-02-7